Hey everyone. Digging up my Hubzilla account to talk about some #wiki and #writing stuff. As a fiction writer on the side, thinking about distribution of my work has been a longstanding issue. It's why I am using Asciidoc for formatting my writing.

Which works when I have access to my laptop. But not so much when I'm on the go. Same goes with Leo Editor. Love it, but I can't access it on my phone.

So I've been bouncing around between scribbling items in Standard Notes, crossposting them with write.as or the Articles part of Hubzilla if needed, and even a few tiddlywikis. They all work for quickly getting things down, but now it's all disorganized again. Which is kind of awkward. S:

I've been thinking of using something like A Muse Wiki for dumping my creative writing items into since it's specially designed for publication.

What've other authors in the Fediverse been using for publishing their fiction and making sure it's downloadable in easy to read formats?