Today is one of my two planned rest days in the # I had tire issues yesterday. On Christmas Eve, about 9 inches of snow (at least the airport) meant I had to take the # I am stuck wondering if it is worth it. I have 131km set for tomorrow, with a 59% chance of snow. 46% chance of snow on Tuesday as well. I don't mind the cold in short stretches, but food and water get frozen on the ride. I can always circle back home, but it is annoying.

It's not like I am so toasted I can't do anything. I would be doing dishes and laundry now if my wife weren't sick.

I had planned to run a 50-mile attempt in October next year. I think if I want to quit the Festive 500 this year and give it another shot next year then that means the 50-mile attempt gets pushed out. That's not a huge deal. I mean, it's not like I get anything by getting the Garmin level 5 sooner and given all the timed Garmin Challenges, and the fact that 100 miles on the bike is worth 8 points, I don't need the 50-mile attempt anyway. I had put the 50-mile attempt on the schedule because a friend mentioned being interested in the challenge, but the friend just wants to walk it.

One thing I *could* do this year that hasn't be an option in the past is ride inside and get the Festive 500, but I feel like I would still want to do it once the outside way.

Obviously, there's just the increase FTP and get done faster next year, but I didn't have any Pogies on Christmas Eve and I still don't have any bar mits that I can put on my gravel grinder, which I definitely need to get, but I might not be able to get those this year. I should probably work on that though as a top priority if I am going to have any chance of completing this this year.

Another big aspect is that the holidays fit perfectly for me to have off every day of the Festive 500.

Idk if I am looking for encouragement to keep going or for validation for quitting. Sometimes just typing things out helps me think through things.

# #