On Monday on another platform I posted a Judd Madden album to showcase what # has to offer in the way of music.

Today, I'll share Isaac Graham's here.

I have no idea why the FMA is an IP address now. It's really sad where the Free Music Archive has gone. Tracks are still not able to uploaded.

Nonetheless, there is still a thriving Creative Commons music scene. There are podcasts like The Bugcast and CCHits.net. There are netlabels like blocSonic and Hypnotic Dirge Records. Many more listed at https://netlabelguide.com/

SoundCloud still allows CC music. There is ccMixter.org. My personal favorite place for looking for music these days (other than http://blocsonic.com, of course), is Bandcamp.

We don't have a plan for bringing the FMA back to its former glory, but we are doing our part at the CC Community Music Awards to keep # alive and well.

We still need a volunteer judge for #, which includes Australia, #, and the # Would you be interested in helping out?