well, "enterprise" is largely a bad word in the startup space, to be equated with slow and/or complicated.

I am having a related argument about Java. Maybe it is true that the Java ecosystem is too complicated. I was just yesterday unable to get something to work in IntelliJ and I have no idea why. It works in # In any case, I think the Java-naysayers probably don't know about things like https://quarkus.io/

I think there is a good argument about not using C or C++ for a startup, unless you are doing something that requires realtime, but I don't see the argument with Java.

I think Java had years of uncertainty after the Sun acquisition, and # 8 certainly has issues with modern practices, but Java 8 came out before K8s.

Considering # came out the same year as Java 8 and # had been presented first 5 years earlier, it's easy to say that Java 8 was a missed opportunity. That said, a lot of things you would have liked to see in Java 8 came in Java 9.

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