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My team is looking!

Requirements (I mean, that's what HR calls them, but not really...):
Expert level in a number of open source packages.
Broad and deep familiarity with multiple projects to include # and #, #, #, #, #, #, #, # (focus primary on # or #), # #, Apache #, #, #, # project and community participation and Production/24x7 experience.
Database administration; #/ #/ # experience very desirable
Expertise in #, #, and/or # applications is a plus.

Minimum of five years of software development and design or systems administration or level 3-4 technical support experience.
Technical knowledge, skills and expertise in complex infrastructure, web-based software and enterprise software
Understanding of software best practices; #, # and # development principles.
Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills

Role: Open Source Staff Engineer/Solutions Architect
Location: #, # or #, #

Position Summary:
Perforce is seeking a Open Source Staff Engineer/Solutions Architect to join our OpenLogic team. As a member of the support team, you’ll be responsible for assisting our clients to work through their technical questions on open source including ‘how to’, trouble shooting and recommendations on product use. Additionally, based on needs of our customers, you will be involved in presenting training classes (both onsite and remote depending on need of the client); short-term professional service engagements to assist with architect and design solutions; working on internal projects; and enhancing current skills by continuing to learn new open source technologies.

OpenLogic provides enterprise services for hundreds of open source projects — including #, #, CentOS, and # — so you can boost efficiency and savings with free software, while cutting risk.

Interact with end users on technical problems.
Tier 1, 2 and 3 support for CentOS and related open source products.
Drive resolution of those problems, which include:
Open source software issues.
Questions around open source software usage.
Questions around use and best practices.
Review of the architecture and design where software is implemented.
Conduct professional services and training engagements.
Research, understand, and advocate open source software.
Interact with various open source communities.
Drive early resolution of issues.
Be a part of the on-call rotation.
Present knowledge via articles, blogs, and conference presentations.
May require 15% travel while completing on-site consulting.