@espectalll I fixed that in master and nightly. The acct: URI is normalised and remote subscribes work for anyone who has updated that. Maybe @hannes2peer wants to merge this on #: https://git.gnu.io/gnu/gnu-social/commit/388655d19b29524f7f501b092e56ece6bd05d19c and https://git.gnu.io/gnu/gnu-social/commit/2744bdcdb76e5d8affa7c54a583effadb7b1430d

@Gargron I never understood underscore filtering either (but that's not the issue in this thread). But then again # ignores (at least) dots in their usernames, so there's obviously some sort of use to it (less confusion for example: a_____b vs a____b <- who is who?).

cc: @thefaico