( and formerly ) has said this a few times, but here it is again.

"Every time you post on Twitter, you produce value for the advertisers.

You tell everyone in your network there that it's OK to stay. That you're all helpless to leave.

You tell the people who've lost their jobs, the people who are being hounded and harassed, that they are not important to you.

You know you're going to be ashamed of it later.

Just stop posting.

Do it here, not there. Connect here, not there.

Don't reply, don't like, don't retweet.

Stop feeding your life into the machine."

This was true before Elon # bought #, but I guess it wasn't as important before.

I don't fully agree, simply because there may be some advantages to many people who continue to use Twitter instead of moving to the # (e.g., #, #, #, #, #, # / #, etc) or they would have moved over already.

Also, because unless one self-hosts one's own presence, an angry instance admin is all it takes to lose all posts and connections and have to start over. Or, if one has contacts on a different instance, then irate instance admins participating in # (including #) can separate the person from some portion of their contacts.

So remember, everything that Twitter is or can do to you, your Fediverse instance can also do. Most instances will never do most of those things, but pretending that one is safe here could result in disappointment in the future.