Ordered some clothing for # and # The 7 year old and the 4 year old have the same waist size, so ordering pants is sort of questionable. Will the legs be long enough for the older child? Will this shirt fit the younger child without dragging the floor?

I often try to avoid #, but this time, I ordered from there. One of the things I dislike about Amazon is when I order items for multiple children in the same house, and they spread the delivery over a month's time. It's really a lot easier if everyone gets their stuff at the same time, even if they have to collect everything at one warehouse (ship it to that warehouse) and then ship it all together to the customer.

In this case, besides my order, # purchased clothing and shoes for # All of her things have arrived already, but for the boys, only a pair of t-shirts have arrived. The rest will arrive in (what looks like) 4 more shipments between now and the end of November.

I still haven't ordered their shoes. And I don't know whether # ordered their socks yet.