So removing # from my # released enough storage to allow me to upgrade to # 14.0.1. I've since reinstalled Manyverse, and I'm currently upgrading to iOS 14.1.

My impressions of iOS 14: irritating as f*ck. Every few hours (almost every time I unlock the screen), it asks me to enter my AppleID password. You know, that long and complex machine-generated string that is difficult to enter correctly on a mobile device? Yes, that one.

Oh, and I keep getting random permission screens popping up. No, I do not want to set your browser as the default. I'll set Firefox Focus as default, if I can. Otherwise, I'll leave it as Safari.

This is a Gen5 device, so it will likely go unsupported within a year from now. I may just wipe it and ship it to #, so they have something that # can play with. I have an old Samsung Galaxy tablet that I was already planning to send.

(Funny story: he got ahold of his mother's newer iPad and pushed so many random buttons that she couldn't even log in to back it up. She had to completely wipe it, losing some data in the process.)

We agree that children spend too much time with electronics, but the problem is that even if you don't intend for him to spend time with electronics, he's automatically drawn to them. He discovered grandpa's watch the first day I was there, and if it lit up or made the slightest sound, he came running.