So # is a client for #, the Secure Scuttlebutt protocol ( see ). Read the link to see more about the protocol.

At present, I think most implementations are based on Node.js.

An important thing in SSB is "Pubs". The link above says this:

> "Pubs" are bot-users that have public IPs. They follow users and rehost the messages to other peers, ensuring good uptime and no firewall blockage.

> Pubs have no special privileges, and are not trusted by users. However, because Scuttlebot has no DHT or NAT-traversal utilities, users must "join" a Pub to distribute their messages on the WAN.

Without a lot of active experience with SSB or its clients, it seems that pubs are a weak point and a centralizing influence. Sure, I could host a pub myself, but then I'd need to attract a good sized fraction of the overall SSB userbase, so that those connecting to my pub could find interesting users.