> ... the [US] South and China, two places where people know how to eat.

I haven't been to #, so I have no opinion on their food (except I know it differs from what we know as # in the US). However, I have worked in #, #, and #

Overall, I was not impressed. # had the best food of the three, but it was usually so highly salted that I quickly went back to putting some rice, meat, and beans in a slow-cooker.

The exception was lunchtime: whenever I could make it there, I went to a particular gas station in Baton Rouge to buy lunch. Imagine Popeye's Famous Louisiana chicken, but turned up to 11! (Or maybe Popeye's took the gas station recipe and dialed it down a notch or two.) Anyway, that was good, though that much fried food is naturally unhealthy.

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