I've been using # ( # software client ) on # and # a little over the past couple of months. The only way to 'meet' people and make contacts is to join a pub.

Copying a 'pub' invite and pasting it into the client is not easy. It took several tries on the Apple iPad, and was only possible by learning to trick the text selection function. On Android, there are some characters in the pub invite that can only be selected if you select all (grabs way more than what you want, leaving you to edit after pasting). I eventually resorted to copying the portion that selected easily, and manually entering the rest.

Each device / installation gets its own individual identity hash. In your profile, you can attach a friendly name, which is displayed to others instead of the full identity hash. Don't try restoring a hash from one device onto another, because the # network seems to deliver everything to the first device and leave the second one alone.

There seems to be a smallish set of users, many of whom are building SSB software, hosting pubs, and building similar # ( # ) networks.

I am nowhere near an expert with it, and I generally only open the client about once per week. It usually takes a while to update, so at first, the old posts from a week before are all you see.