Back in the stone age, when I was in college and university, Americans had already become intolerant of disagreement. If I was in a discussion of religion, politics, economics, or other areas where people have strongly-held beliefs, disagreement over a tiny percentage of the whole was like becoming an enemy. I quickly learned to spend most of my unstructured time with foreign students: Germans, Africans, Taiwanese. We'd sit and vigorously disagree about something, then pool our funds to get a #

It is distressing that this unpleasant American trait is now common the world over. It is rampant throughout the Fediverse.

If you cannot discuss and relate to people that you disagree with, why are you communicating in the first place? Recite your views to the walls in your bedroom, which will never disagree, never expose areas where your beliefs are not well thought out, never point out examples of you doing the same thing you're condemning another over.