To those people that are terrified that # will adopt # and come to the Fediverse and steal all our people back into captivity, there is nothing to worry about. I've been using T again the past few days and:
1. the main interface feels like you're squeezed into a box; there is not enough focus on the actual tweets; it is also slow and bloated.
2. the tweetdeck interface is better, but removing extraneous columns does not make the important one (your main stream) wider. But now I see where Mastodon gets its annoying and confusing million-column interface.
3. my account is non-public and subs are by approval, so I greatly limit my annoyance; or I would if T did not insist on putting tweets of people I don't subscribe to in my stream just because someone I sub subs to them (or likes one of their tweets).
4. I have more to say about T, but I'm going to have to make it a blog post.
5. Dishonorable mention to all the "promoted tweet" ads stuffed in between the real tweets; and also to the "suggested follow" garbage that also appears there. If you're ad-supported, at least put the ads outside the main content.

I'm down to about 200 old tweets, none of which are displayed for me to delete, plus twenty or so new ones. I'd really like to only leave the most recent twenty-five newest. I don't tweet anything of enduring or historic significance, so there's no need for any of them to exist longer than 90-180 days.

Note to # devs: That 90-180 day lifetime should be an option in your software.* Not that there is any guarantee that a post that federates to other instances will also be deleted on all those other instances when your own instance deletes it.

* That is, delete in X days unless someone interacts with it or the poster marks it as worth keeping longer.